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UFB takes speed to the next level so you can enjoy only the best. Experience up to 10 times faster Broadband speed than ADSL and enhance your life style by even more than 10 times.

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UFB is currently available for limited areas only. Please check service availability here.

Things You need to know - UFB Residential

* Currently UFB is only available in Auckland and Whangarei. Please refer to the UFB map for further information.
* Phone connection changes to VoIP but you can still use your current telephone. Please note that VoIP requires power connection to work.
* ‘UFB Boost Up’ provides 200Mbps download and 20Mbps upload speed for $30 additional monthly charge.
100Mbps/20Mbps(download/upload) is available at $10 additional monthly charge.
* Toll calls : $0.12 per (excl.GST) minute
* To mobile phones : $0.35 per (excl.GST) minutes
* Additional $5 (incl.GST) per every 2 GB data will be charged once you have exceeded your data allowance.
* Alarm, EFTPOS and Fax services using landline are not available on UFB.
* Free email to fax service is available upon your request when joining.
* All new UFB installations require written consent from landlord.
* $299 (incl.GST) Early termination fee applies.