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Gas Only Plan Promotion
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Gas Only Plan Promotion

This Gas Only Plan Promotion provides you with a $50 joining credit on your gas account when you sign up for gas on a 12 month fixed-term contract. If you sign up for gas for a fixed term of 24 months, you will receive a $80 joining credit.

  • To be eligible for this promotion, your gas service must be connected at a residential address, and within one month from the date you signed your application.
  • This promotion comes with a 12 or 24 month fixed term supply contract.
  • Once your electricity connection has been provisioned, your pricing will stay the same for your contracted supply term, unless we adjust your pricing:
  • a) due to changes to taxes (e.g., GST), levies (including the Electricity Authority Levy and/or Gas Industry Company Levy), the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme, or any other governmental or regulatory changes; or
  • b) due to changes in third party costs, for example network company, transmission, and metering charges (which may apply to both the Daily Charge and the Variable Charge components; or
  • c) if, for any reason, the information we have relied on to set your pricing is incorrect and/or requires amendment (e.g., if your metering set-up or capacity and/or your pricing category is incorrect or changes).
  • d) if capacity is changed by you or network company
  • e) if you move to a different property

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