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Hyper Wifi Bundle Promotion

1. This Hyper WiFi Bundle promotion provides:

  • a) A $20 discount per month on our standard Broadband pricing if you sign up for our Broadband service together with Electricity and Gas on a 12-month contract; OR
  • b) A $15 discount per month on our standard Broadband pricing if you sign up for our Broadband service together with Electricity only on a 12-month contract.

2. This promotion is only available for residential customers using a Fibre Broadband service.

3. To be eligible for this promotion you must meet the following Eligibility Criteria:

  • a) you must sign up broadband and energy together at your residential address on a 12-month fixed term contract for all the bundle services; and
  • b) all of the services must be connected at the same residential address within one month from the date you signed your application.
  • If all services are not connected within one month (for any reason), then this promotion and any supply obligations will automatically cease. In this scenario, if we have sent a Premium WiFi Deco 2 pack to you, this must be returned to us or else the early termination fee described below will apply.

4. An early termination fee of $299 will apply if either service (broadband or energy) is disconnected prior to the contract end date. If you move to a different address where our services are not available within 12 months from the date your service is connected, or if you cancel the contract for either service for any reason before the contract end date, you will be charged a full early termination fee.

5. Add-on service charges (such as a static IP address or KIPTV content) are not included in the promotional broadband price and will be charged on a monthly basis if selected.

6. A VoIP (Internet Phone) service cannot be selected with this promotion. If you wish to add a Voip, you will need to purchase an additional modem from us at $180 to have a phone line connected.

7. Pricing:

  • a) Your monthly broadband price will depend on your selected download speed plan.
  • b) Your broadband service price will return to our standard price for your download speed plan after the 12-month discount period has ended.
  • c) Your energy pricing will stay the same for your contracted supply term, subject to our Energy Plan Special Terms, available here: Energy Plan Special Terms.

8. This promotion includes a Premium Wifi Deco 2 pack which can provide wider wifi coverage than a standard router. Premium Wifi Deco 2 pack average coverage is between 200 - 350 square meters, or a 2-4 bedroom house. Depending on the size of your house, you may need to purchase additional Deco units to ensure that the signal reaches every corner of your house. You can go to https://www.megatel.co.nz/broadband/wifi to find more information.

9. There is a one-off $15 delivery fee to deliver a Premium WiFi Deco 2 pack to you.

Please check our Promotional Terms and Conditions, General Terms and Conditions, and Energy Plan Special Terms on our website for more information about our Terms and Conditions. There is a lot of information we need to communicate to you, so it is worth taking some time to read them thoroughly.

This promotion is only valid from 14 March 2022 until 31 May 2022 and may be withdrawn or amended at Megatel’s discretion without notice.

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