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  • Customer Support View
    • What language does Megatel provide in customer support?
    • megaTEL customer support team provide English, Korean and Chinese service.
    • How can I contact customer centre?
    • For any enquires :
      09 912 1200 / 0800 MEGATEL

      Operational Hours :
      Monday to Friday : 9am to 8pm, Saturday : 10am to 3pm

      Physical address :
      Building B, 104 Rosedale Road, Rosedale

      Postal address :
      PO Box 305 292, Triton Plaza, Albany, North Shore City, New Zealand

  • Billing and Payment View
    • First month's bill
    • The billing cycle for all megaTEL users is on the 1st of the month. If you are a new customer to Megatel, the first month's bill will be sent to you at the beginning of the following month. (e.g. If you started the service at Megatel on 18th July, your first month's bill will be sent to you at the beginning of August)

      The first month's bill will have the following charges:

      First month's charges
      These are calculated by days, from the day the service was activated to the end that month

      Service monthly fee
      The service monthly fee is charged in advance. (e.g.August invoice shows the charge for the monthly fee from 1st August to 31st August)

    • How can I pay my bill?
    • Automatic payment
      Direct debit: You can register direct debit account by submitting ‘direct debit application form’ to via email. Please click below link to download the form:
      Credit card: Setting up credit card auto payment is easy. Please click the link below and follow the instruction after customer login. If you are unsure about your login detail, please txt us (027 888 9999) for further assistance.

      Manual payment
      ANZ Bank 01-0129-0260567-00
      Reference: (your phone number)

      ANZ Bank 01-0129-0260567-10
      Reference: (your phone number)
    • How can I check my invoice?
    • We send invoices as attached files via email to your email address at the beginning of every month. You can also check your invoice from our website, log in and select "My Bills", then click on the invoice you want to check and print it out.
  • Move / Change / Cancel your service View
    • Can I change my service plan while I am still in the contract period?
    • Yes, you can change your service plan during the contract period. However you can only upgrade or downgrade your service plan. You are not able to change to a plan that has a special price or conditions.
    • Can I pause the services while I am staying overseas?
    • Unfortunately we are not able to pause your services. However we might be able to change your services to the minimum plans, or we might be able to offer to charge you just the minimum payment for your services.
    • What is required for my service cancellation and how do I make the last payment?
    • Broadband/Landline/Mobile
      In order to end your services and any terms related, contact our Customer Service team on 09 912 1200. When you request for your service to be disconnected, Notice Period will be applied and Early Termination Fee may be applied. Charges for your service will cease 30 days after receiving a termination notice from you, unless we have a prior agreement. We require at least 36 hours after receiving the notice for the services and line to be disconnected, and this is independent from the 30 days notice period. You can choose to terminate your service on the day of notice or during the 30 days’ notice period. Termination notice is only valid when the notice is given from you to us via a contact to our Customer Service Team. When transferring your service, you are still required to notify us at least 30 days before the transfer date. There are some instances where you may be provided with a new line with the new company and therefore required to disconnect your line and services with us. For any reason if your MegaTEL service and line are still connected, you will continue to be charged by MegaTEL until the service and the line are disconnected.

      Final payment needs to be paid in full in order for any legal agreement between you and MegaTEL to be ceased. You will receive your final bill via the invoice delivery option you have selected.

  • Using megaTEL E-mail View
    • How to set up your E-mail account
    • 1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2007.

      2. Click on the menu Tools.

      3. Click on Account Settings.

      4. Click on New.

      5. Select Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP. Click on Next.

      6. Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types to create a new email account.Click on Next

      7. Select Internet Email. Click on Next.

      8-1. Type in your name, email address, select POP3 server as incoming mail server.
      8-2. Type in the name of the incoming mail server mail and the address of the outgoing mail server
      8-3. Type in your User Name. (e.g.
      8-4. Click on More Settings.

      9. Click on Outgoing Server and select My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentification. Click OK.

      10. Click on Test Account Settings to test your email. Click on Next.

      11. Click on Finish.

      12. Your POP3 Email Account has been created. Click on Close.