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  • Complaint processView
    • Complaint process
    • As you are a valued customer, we truly wish you to enjoy our service at all times. However sometimes an ‘unexpected’ event could come up and it could incur the inconveniences. We are here to listen and will do our best to resolve your matters as soon as possible. Please refer to the following contact details for your feedback or complaint:

      Ph: 0800 634 283 (09 912 1200)
      Fax: 09 912 0049
      Po Box 305 292, Triton Plaza, Albany, New Zealand

      Our goal is to resolve your complaint within 7 working days of receiving it. However if your complaint is related to other parties, we will discuss with them for you and we will refer your complaint to the most appropriate party to resolve it promptly.

      If your complaint is not resolved or has taken longer than 20 working days to resolve with an explanation letter from us on why we need to extend the time for resolution, you can contact Utilities Disputes to discuss about your complaint further. Please refer to the following contact details for Utilities Disputes.

      Utilities Disputes
      Ph: 0800 223 340
      Freepost 192682, PO Box 5875, Wellington 6410

      When we value our customer, we also value your feedback and have a strong commitment to resolving any complaint. You are more than welcome to contact us for any matters.

      Thank you for using megaENERGY and we will do our best to meet your needs.

  • Service InterruptionView
    • As an electricity consumer in Auckland region, you are required to contact Vector directly to report a variety of service interruptions including power outage, no hot water, emergency and etc.

      Vector (0508 832 867)
      • a power outage
      • no hot water
      • streetlights not working
      If you contact megaTEL&megaENERGY by calling us on 0800 634 283 , after selecting an option ‘power fault and outage’ then your call will be redirected to Vector directly.
  • I just moved in and there is no power. What should I do?View
    • If you don’t have power at new address, then please go through the following checklist first:
      1. Is your meter main switch turned on? (you can find this in meter box)
      2. Is your switch board main switch turned on? (you can find this on switch board)
      3. Does your meter shows ‘contact retailer’ message on display?
      If so then you can understand that the current electricity retailer who had been supplying power service to previous house occupant has disconnected power to avoid unwanted electricity consumption. In this case you have to call us immediately then we can carry out reconnection for you. Please note this is a chargeable service (pricing table:

      If the current retailer disconnected power ‘remotely’ then we can also reconnect power without dispatching an electrician to your property. This could be done within 10~30 minutes during working hours (Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM). However if meter was disconnected ‘manually’ then unfortunately you have to expect about several hours to get reconnected as someone must go to your house for a physical reconnection.
  • I think my bill is higher than my actual consumptionView
    • Except winter season, none of us expects a higher bill unless there was a special occasion such as family party. But if your meter is a legacy meter, sometimes you have to expect to see your bill goes up and down time to time. This is because a meter reader needs to go to your property to gain meter readings in every 1 to 3 months. If you bill shows that your reading as ‘estimate’, then you can understand a portion or the whole consumption for the month has been estimated due to failure on gaining meter reading for the last day of the month. If your bill was ‘overestimated’ for the month, next month bill will decrease, but if your bill was ‘underestimated’ then your bill will increase by the missed or added consumption. To prevent this issue in the future, you can contact us for a free smart meter installation.

      If your readings are all ‘actual’ and you still believe that power consumption is higher than your expectation, call a registered plumber to see if there is any water leaking issue. If this happens then your hot water cylinder keeps injecting cold water into the cylinder to fill the gap and heating water to maintain the temperature. This could be a hidden cost of your electricity bill you can easily save.

      Another way is calling a private electrician for a site inspection to make sure that there is no electrical problem at the property.

      Lastly you can contact us to request a site visit from metering equipment provider to inspect the metering device. However if no fault found from the device, a call out fee will incur.

  • Who is eligible for annual dividend?View
    • If you are living in Auckland central, eastern and southern down to northern Papakura, you may be eligible for Entrust dividend. You can find more details from Entrust website:
  • What is PPD (Prompt Payment Discount) and who can get it?View
    • PPD (Prompt Payment Discount) is a special benefit for consumers who pay their monthly bill in full by due date. We apply this to all of our customers but the rate varies depending on your service package or contract detail. We really want all of you get benefited by PPD and it must be really convenient if you register direct debit account for automatic payment.