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  • Troubleshooting View
    • How to troubleshoot my mobile problem?
    • If you're having technical problems with your mobile, try booting your mobile, as this will fix most software problems.

      If you are still experiencing problems please call us on 09 912 1200 from another phone. We aim to have all repairs completed within 7 days. Some faults may take longer to fix, especially if parts need to be ordered.

    • What will it cost to get my mobile repaired?
    • If your phone is under warranty and the repair is covered by the warranty terms, you won't be charged for work done. If the damage isn't covered by the terms of the warranty you may be required to pay costs. The dealer will contact you if this is the case.

      If you phone is out of warranty you will be required to pay the cost of the repair. We will contact you once the fault has been diagnosed so you can agree to the work being done. If you decide not to proceed, you will be charged $85.00 + GST to cover the diagnostic work.

    • Can I get a quote before repairs are done to my mobile?
    • If your phone is not under warranty or the damage is not covered by the warranty terms, we will contact you once the fault has been diagnosed to confirm the cost and get your agreement to proceed.
    • What happens if my mobile is beyond repair?
    • If your mobile phone is under warranty and is damaged beyond repair, we will contact you to arrange a replacement phone. If your mobile phone isn't under warranty and is damaged beyond repair we will contact you to discuss your options.
    • What should I do if my phone is lost or stolen?
    • If your megaTEL mobile is lost or stolen while you're overseas, contact our Helpdesk on +64 9 912 1200 straight away to block your phone.

      If you don't do this immediately, you will be responsible for all calls made on the phone until it's blocked.

  • 3G Data View
    • What is Cellular(3G) data?
    • There was only Free Minutes and Free Texts in previous post paid plans, but Smart Phones such as Iphone and GalaxyS usse Internet Data by Mobile Phone Network.The data is used for Internet Surfing, watching Youtube, downloading Applications and etc. The data is called 3G Data (or Cellular Data) as it comes through 3G Networks.
    • Difference from Wifi data?
    • WiFi data is different from Cellular Data. WiFi is a Wireless Internet installed at your home or office. Like laptops and desktops use Wireless Network(WiFi) to access Internet, Smart Phones can also use WiFi network to access Internet. On the other hand, Smart Phones use 3G Mobile Network to download any data. When both WiFi Network and 3G Network are accessible at the same place, Smart Phone uses WiFi Network to download data.
    • Cellular Data Charge?
    • Every smart phone plan has a limitation using Cellular data and if it is over used then there is a over data usage charge.
    • I cannot use mobile data. What should I do?
    • This happens when your smart phone requires a connectivity setting manually for mobile network. Before applying the following settings on your phone, please ensure that your sim card is activated and inserted in correct direction.

      For Android

      (1) Go to Mobile Setting App->Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names

      (2) If there is no existing
      APN setting, choose to create a new APN

      (3) Ensure that the following settings are filled in each field.
      APN =
      MCC = 530, MMC = 05, APN Type = Default

      For Apple

      Please switch on ‘mobile cellular data’ feature

      If your phone was purchased in overseas country, unfortunately we cannot guarantee the service compatibility. If you bought the phone in New Zealand, please check with the retailer or seller about the issue. If your phone was purchased from megaTEL, please call us on 0800 634 283 for further trouble shootings.