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  • Troubleshooting View
    • My phone is not working what do I do?
    • Please make sure if your phone requires power to operate and make sure that both power adapter and phone line are firmly connected. If you are still experiencing difficulty using phone, please call megaTEL Support line.
    • If there is a lot of noise on the line, what can I do?
    • Please make sure you have a filter on every jack point where you have connected your phones, fax, EFTPOS machine. Some households have Sky installed and connected to the phone system for TV programme scheduling. You need to have a filter for this as well. Another similar case is an alarm system. If you have an alarm system that is configured to ring a security company once it is triggered, you are most likely to have a jack point hidden somewhere that requires a filter.
    • If there is a power cut within the region, will my phone still work?
    • Yes. Except for VOIP phones, megaTEL landlines are operated by inline power. However, if your phone requires external power, such as a cordless phone, the phone is not going to work. It is a good idea to have another wired phone ready in case of emergency.
    • My internet has not been working since my landline was cut off by my landline provider
    • Once a customer's landline has been cut by your landline provider for some reason, the broadband service will be terminated at the same time. It will be treated as an early termination if you are still on a contract with megaTEL, and the customer will be required to take responsibility.
  • Start / Transfer your phone service View
    • Is there going to be any fee when we are moving?
    • It is absolutely essential for you to give us a call 7 working days prior to the moving date. We can organize the moving order for your landline and also internet line.
    • I just moved in to a new place and need a phone installed. Could megaTEL help me install a new phone line?
    • Yes! We can help you install a new phone line. However, it does take about one to two days to organize a technician. We recommend our customer to contact us a few days before moving.
    • How long does it take to install a phone line?
    • If you are already connected with a landline provider, we can transfer the line from your current provider to us within one to two working days. However, if you require a new phone line installed, it may take up to 3 days depending on the workload of technicians during the week. However, megaTEL will ensure you get connected as fast as possible.
    • Do I need to contact my previous/current provider before or after transferring my landline?
    • Unlike broadband service or toll, phones usually do not come with a contract. However, some companies do sell their products as packages that incur penalties. We strongly urge you to contact your current provider to find out terms and conditions for your landline before you make your decision. It is also a good idea to contact them to make sure they cease the billing.
    • Is there going to be any fee when we are moving?
    • It is absolutely essential for you to give us a call 7 working days prior to the moving date. We can organize the moving order for your landline and also internet line.
  • Service charges
    • What is wiring maintenance fee?
    • Wiring maintenance fee can be regarded as insurance for the landline that you are currently renting from the landline provider. It is not indispensable; however, it is recommended as part of your landline monthly fee. If you are having difficulty using your phone line due to severe line cut or damage, we can organize to have it fixed free of charge. Some conditions apply.
    • Are there any minute by minute charges if I make phone calls within my local area?
    • No, you are not subject to any fee for local phone calls if it is not a business line. However, it is important not to press the area code before dialing the local phone number.
    • I am using a lot of mobile phones through my landline. Can I get any discount?
    • Yes. Once you have signed up for megaTEL Landline service, you are automatically subscribed for megaTEL Toll service. Toll service not only allows customers to make phone calls from landlines to a mobile network but also allows you to make international and nationwide phone calls.