Yet another reason to love megaTEL.

Lower prices for your essential electricity needs.
and power your megaTEL and megaTV with megaENERGY!

Enjoy our 15% Prompt Payment Discount and
package services.

megaENERGY is currently available in Auckland region only. Please check our service map for service availability at your address.

Same quality, lower price

Unlike other products, the quality of electricity is the same regardless of electricity retailer.

megaENERGY is a certified electricity retailer and provides affordable electricity for your personal, business or corporate needs in Auckland.

Enjoy our benefits

15% PPD

We increased our PPD (Prompt Payment Discount) from 10% to 15%.

Multilingual customer care

We provide Korean and Chinese support for better customer experience.

Vector Dividend

Vector Dividend is available for consumers in Vector network area.

Free smart meter upgrade

Sign up megaENERGY and upgrade your legacy meter today.

Reliable technical support

Consumers’ rights and benefits such as eligibility for AECT dividends continues. Unless a fault originates from a specific household’s wiring or household’s energy supply equipment, most electrical faults have the same way of being dealt with by any electricity provider. That is why we can continue to provide you with hassle free support or technical services.

Total solution for your home and business

Use our electricity service in conjunction with megaTV and megaTEL
and experience the convenience and benefits of having a combined service product.

megaTEL with megaENERGY, a true combined service starts here Switch now

Things you need to know - megaENERGY

* Vector / United networks manages and is responsible for electricity transmission and maintenance.
* For all matters relating to installation of wiring or energy supply equipment, we must have the property owner's consent.
* Please check out at www.vector.co.nz/outages or install the Android / iOS mobile application for outage information.
* If power is not connected to your premises, you must request power reconnection to us prior to power switching. If your premises has been vacant for over 6 months, COC form is required to initiate power reconnection for safety reason. Minimum $65 fee applies for power reconnection.
* You can change your profile once a year. Low user profile is suitable for customers who use less than 8,000 kWh per annum. (Aprox. 660kWh per month).
* If you or your family member is a Medically Dependant or Vulnerable Consumer, you must fill out the Medical Dependency Form and send us back to secure higher priority of support on fault recovery.