Why megaMOBILE?

Have you been looking for the smarter ways to make the most out of your mobile plan?
With megaMOBILE plans, you can enjoy great benefits that bring more value and entertainment to your life.

Special handset discount

With our Smart Plan you can get a latest smartphone at specially discounted price.
All Smart Plan includes 24 months term. Early termination fee applies.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Available colours

$139 / month
on Smart 139
24 months term

iPhone 5S 16GB

Available colours

$139 / month
on Smart 139
24 months term

Unlimited free callings between ALL megaMOBILE users

Switch together and enjoy unlimited free calls between your family members and friends.
Unlimited calling applies to all numbers on Smart Plans or Freedom Plans.

Make international calls with your free minutes

You can now make free international calls to your selected country with your free minutes!
Choose your country from Korea and China, and more country will be available soon. If you used all of your free mintues allowed while calling to Korea(China), standard NZ rate will apply.

Within your free minutes After free minutes
Free (incl. landline & mobile) 89c per min (NZ, Korea, China)

Free mobile TV account

With any megaMOBILE plan you will get a free mobile TV account.
With 17 Live and VOD channels, you can now watch your favourite show anytime, anywhere.
Do you think your mobile data is not enough to wath HD videos? We will boost up you with bonus data.

* Our TV service currently offers Korean and Chinese contents only.

Bonus mobile data for mobile TV

All megaMOBILE plan comes with bonus data for mobile TV to keep you entertained.
Up to 4GB bonus data will be given with your mobile plan,
so you can now watch HD, live-streaming videos without any worries!

Free 1GB WiFi everyday

With Spark NZ megaMOBILE is now able to provide our users with free WiFi data.
You can get 1GB WiFi data everyday at 700 hotspots nationwide if you are on ANY megaMOBILE plans.
Find pink phone box and stay connected.

What is FREE WiFi?

Free WiFi is wireless broadband service in public places.
You can access to WiFi with your mobile phones, tablets and laptops, anytime and anywhere if you are in the Free WiFi Zone.

Whenever you run out of, or want to save your mobile data, find a pink WiFi hotspot to get going.

How to connect

  • 1. Find a hotspot

    Find the nearest hotspot

  • 2. Choose WiFi

    Turn on your WiFi setting and find "Spark WiFi"

  • 3. Open a web browser

    Open any web browser and you will see "Getting Started" page.

  • 4. Stay connected

    Enter your mobile number. An access code will be sent you via TXT. Done!

All New Plans

Our mobile plans offer various data and minutes options that perfectly suit your needs.
Choose from a Smart plan with a latest smartphone at discounted price, or a Freedom plan with value at great price.


Our ultimate smartphone & mobile plan package

* 24 months term apply



Bring your phone & save up to $20 per month

*Open term


Important things to know - megaMOBILE

Additional Charges Price (incl.GST)
Additional data 30c per MB
Additional minutes (NZ, Korea & China) / Video Calling 89c per minute
Calling International TOP5 (USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland) 99c per minute
Calling rest of world $1.50 per minute
Photo message to Spark network 30c per message
Photo message to call other networks 70c per message

* Minutes do not include video calling, directory assistance, operator-assisted, 0900 and other types of chargeable calls.

* Handset warranty is for 12 months and any issues with hardware or software will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
* Any handset fault which is verified as none of device issue will not be processed under warranty, and device assessment fee (*$85) will apply.


Unlimited talk and unlimited text is for standard person-to-person calls to standard NZ numbers (you need to be talking to another person). Excludes premium and special numbers. Free International calling is up to 1500 minutes (depends on which plan you apply), which includes standard person-to-person calls to standard Korea, China mainland and HongKong numbers. Unlimited minutes and unlimited texts cannot be used for multiple simultaneous calling, re-supply, call centre usage, telemarketing, bulk messaging, application-to-person communication, continuously call forwarding, auto-dialling, machine to machine communication (including by using your SIM card in any other device), Cellular Trunking Units (CTUs), or any other activity that Spark considers to be non-standard personal usage ("Prohibited Usage"). If we consider that you are engaging in Prohibited Usage we may contact you and ask you to stop such usage. If such Prohibited Usage continues despite notification from us, we may remove your subscription with unlimited minutes and/or unlimited texts immediately with notice. All of our mobile services are subject to fair use policies, which are set out in the specific terms and conditions relating to those Services. We may enforce our fair use policies from time to time where, in our reasonable opinion and acting in good faith, your usage of the Services is excessive and/or unreasonable. We do this in order to help prevent fraud and to ensure that excessive use of the Services doesn’t prevent our other customers from enjoying the Services. From time to time we may publish new fair use policies in respect of some or all of the Services. Where we do this we will notify you beforehand. If you do not agree with any new fair use policy you may exercise your right to terminate this agreement.