About KoreanipTV!

It is a new way of watching TV via internet. You can watch TV through settop box, and you can also watch on PC or mobile. It gives you more variety than satellite TV and it is cheaper as well.

With VOD service, you can watch any programme at any time you want. If you are using megaTEL broadband service it won't be deducted from your monthly usage.

All the Korean contents are legally delivered to you.

* Since KoreanipTV was established, we have been providing a stable and economical service to our customer with the combination of broadband and Korean broadcast contents.

Live channels and VOD

You can enjoy high quality live channels from KBS World, MBC, JTBC, YTN, Arirang TV, etc and VOD channels from KBS, MBC, SBS, and also few cable channels.

Even ended programmes, such as famous soap drama or documentary, are available for VOD service for a year.

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Unlimited HD TV

Most of the KoreanipTV contents are high definition, and requires 800MB~1.2G of internet usage. However, if you are with megaTEL Broadband service, you can watch your TV worry-free of internet usage allowance.

We are continuously upgrading the quality of all the contents, and in near future, we might be able to provide HD service to our UFB (Ultra-Fast-Broadband) customers.