Broadband / Landline

Additional Services

Broadband Services

Static IP $10 / month

Static IP is suitable for where requires to keep the same internet IP address everytime.
(eg. CCTV)

Full installation $199

In the event of unstable connections after undergoing several diagnoses or if you have more than 5 different phone jack points, it is recommended that you consider the full installation.

A separate port will be installed dedicated to ADSL line, which will provide stable and fast internet speed as well as clean and improved phone quality. Please book a date for the installation, as a technician site visit is required. The result may vary depending on the each case so please consult with megaTEL staff before making a decision.

Web Hosting From $30 /month

megaTEL provides personal and business web hosting service.

Landline Services

Caller Display $3.58 / month

This service displays caller's phone number, and can be used on caller display supported phones.
You can also check for missed calls while you are away.

Faxability $3.78 / month

You can receive a separate phone number when you apply for this service. It is the ideal plan for a home business.

Fax number cannot be used simultaneously with landline, and it is not an ideal service for customers with many inbound fax data.

Fax number can easily be distinguished as it has a different number.

Call Diversion $3.78 /month

You can redirect inbound calls to designated mobile phone and they can also be diverted to other landlines such as office phones.
You can apply call diversion with respect to three different cases.

Immediate call diversion - You can divert calls immediately as calls are received.

No answer call diversion - Call will be diverted 10 seconds after it is received.

Call diversion while busy line - Call will be diverted to designated number as it is received.

Call Waiting $3.78 / month

You can receive phone calls while you are on another call.

This is ideal for households that have a lot of inbound phone calls or a home business.

* This service may not be supported in some areas

Call Restriction $5.00 / month

This service restricts tolls and other non-free calls such as international phone calls and mobile calls with PIN.

Permanent Toll Bar $45.43

This service permanently restricts all non-free outgoing toll calls such as international calls, non-local national calls and mobile calls from the landline.
Only local calls can be made from this line.