The Power of the Fantastic Duo
Experience the reliability and comfort of our Natural Gas, available through a piped network across the North Island.

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  • No fixed term, no break fee
  • 10% MEGA Saver discount when you bundle our electricity

Do MEGA is easy!

Our service offers not only instant hot water and efficient heating but also ongoing savings through our unique Bundle Discount when bundled with our electricity.Start your new journey towards comfort and savings with us today!

How MEGA bundle works

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Gas availability

Check natural gas availability

If you are not currently using natural gas and wish to join us, but you're unsure if your current address is connected to natural gas, use this handy tool. Enter your address to check.
Gas availability

Want to get a connection in Auckland

If you're in Auckland and haven't connected to natural gas, use Vector's tool to check availability on your street and request a gas installation quote.