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Pioneering the Energy and Telco industry

In 2011, Megatel pioneered combined electricity and broadband services in New Zealand. We've since expanded to include Gas and Mobile offerings, simplifying life and reducing costs for customers. This approach has ushered in a new era of bundled convenience and affordability.

We provide essential Energy and Telco services that offer increasing benefits as your usage grows

MEGA represents the services

we offer and the amount of benefit the customer receives

Do mega Do mega
1. very large; huge
2. excellent
The meaning of 'MEGA' represents our values

Multi Award-Winning Services

Rooted in excellence and innovation, we've earned the 'Best Value Energy Company Award' for 2022 & 2023, the 'Best Digital Innovation Company of 2023,' and numerous Broadband services accolades. These awards exemplify our dedication to providing excellence, and our unwavering quest for innovative value creation persists, even at this very moment.

NZ Compare Award
NZ Compare Award - Best Digital Innovation
NZ Compare Award - Best Value Energy Provider

What our customers are saying

4.4 stars

Partnered with Nova Energy: Unlocking Synergies for Enhanced Services.

In 2019, Megatel merged with Nova Energy, our parent company, ushering in a new era of collaboration. This strategic alliance has empowered us to deliver gas and electricity services at even more competitive prices, thanks to the synergies that emerged from this union.