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Energy Plan Special Terms – Applicable to all electricity and gas customers

The supply of electricity and gas under all Megatel Energy plans is in accordance with Megatel’s General Terms and Conditions which are available at General Terms and Conditions ("General Terms") and the following special terms ("Special Terms"). If there is any conflict between our General Terms and the Special Terms below, the Special Terms will apply.

1. As electricity/gas prices constantly change and update due to continuous network price changes, if your connection date is at least 3 months after the date of your application, your power/gas rates will not be confirmed until your electricity/gas connection is provisioned, closer to the actual connection date. This means that the power/gas prices advised to you at the time of your application may differ from the confirmed pricing when your connection is actually provisioned.

2. If you agree to sign up for power/gas as part of your application for a promotion bundle that includes broadband and/or mobile services, you must accept the power/gas prices given to you at the time of provisioning which will be the most recent standard pricing. If you decide to cancel your application for power/gas at this stage, and if any promotional benefits have already been provided to you, you will incur the applicable Early Termination Fee.

3. Once your power/gas connection has been provisioned, your pricing will stay the same for your contracted supply term unless we adjust your pricing:

  • a) due to changes to taxes (e.g., GST), levies (including the Electricity Authority Levy and/or Gas Industry Company Levy), the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme, or any other governmental or regulatory changes; or
  • b) due to changes in third party costs, for example network company, transmission, and metering charges (which may apply to both the Daily Charge and the Variable Charge components; or
  • c) if, for any reason, the information we have relied on to set your pricing is incorrect and/or requires amendment (e.g., if your metering set-up or capacity and/or your pricing category is incorrect or changes).
  • d) if capacity is changed by you or network company
  • e) if you move to a different property

4. These special terms apply to all Megatel electricity and gas plans and customers

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