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BIGMAN Package includes ADSL (VDSL) 300 GB. Add home phone, mobile, and electricity service to enjoy all the benefits together.

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Additional $4.60 charge applies for the regions other than Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.
Please note that package including our electricity service is only available in Auckland region. (North to Wellsford and south to Papatoetoe).

Standard ADSL
Fast & Reliable Internet
Download up to 24 Mbps | Upload up to 1 Mbps

Upgrade to VDSL
Up to 4 times faster than ADSL
Download up to 50 Mbps | Upload up to 10 Mbps

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megaTEL Home Package

Internet 300GB



One off payment : $0
$ 0 / month + Power

Things you need to know - Bigman packages

* Additional $4.60 charge applies to the cities other than Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Our customer service team will assist you for further information.
* Receive $10 monthly discount by setting up direct debit on 18 months term.
* Free e-mail invoices - additional $2 per month for postal invoicing.
* There is an additional charge of $5 per every 2 GB once you have exceeded your data allowance.
* Toll call rates : $0.12 per minutes (landline) / $0.35 per minutes (mobile)
* $199 Early termination fee applies.