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National / International

Use your mobile service Domestically & Internationally.

  • Additional mobile charges within NZ

  • Casual fees apply once your free monthly allowance has been used up or if the service is not included in the free allowance.
    MMS allows you to send pictures, videos, and audio files via text, and it is not included in your free TXT allowance.
    Additional Charges Charges(Incl GST)
    Additional Data Charge $0.30 / MB
    Additional Calling Charge (both mobile and landline) $0.89 / min
    MMS / Photo message $0.70 / msg
    What others are chargeable?
    Premium text message services are generally special text message services with additional fees offered by 3rd party providers within New Zealand or overseas.
    Voicemail usage is free within your mobile plan allowance and operates the same as standard calling. Once your remaining calling minutes reach to zero, additional charges will apply.
    Additional Charges Charges(Incl GST)
    Voicemail $0.89 / min
    Video message to mobile $1.27 / msg
    Call divert (both to NZ mobile and NZ landline) $0.89 / min
    Call divert (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea) $0.89 / min
    Call divert (Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland) $0.99 / min
    Call divert (Other countries) $1.50 / min
    Call forwarding to NZ numbers $1.61 / min
    Mailbox - Call back to mobile $0.30 / min
    Mailbox - Call back to landline $0.70 / min
    Premium TXT Various charges apply
    0900, 111, 555, 105 Various charges apply
    Mobile - 0900 service Various charges apply
    Direct Connect Various charges apply
    Directory Assistance Various charges apply
    International Directory Assistance Various charges apply
    What are included in the standard mobile plan?
    Voicemail within New Zealand
    Mobile data within New Zealand
    Mobile to Mobile call forwarding within New Zealand (within your mobile usage)
    What are free regardless of a mobile plan?
    800 SVCE
    Unlimited Megatel mobile to Megatel mobile calling
  • International mobile charges

  • The below rates apply for our mobile service used locally in New Zealand only.

    The below rates are not a global roaming charge.
    Countries/Territories Charges(Incl GST)
    China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea $0.89 / min
    Special prices for 5 countries
    (Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland)
    $0.99 / min
    Other Countries/Territories $1.50 / min
    Sea & Air $17.00 / min
    Satellite Devices $19.00 / min
    International Video Calling $3.34 / min
    International TXT
    (sending a text message from New Zealand)
    $0.35 / min
    International Photo Message $0.58 / msg
    • TXT messages are counted based on 140 characters.
    If you are visiting overseas, you will automatically be connected to a roaming service, and will be charged roaming fee for any usage. If you do not want roaming service, please let us know to deactivate it at least 48 working hours in advance.