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3 Months Half-Price Mobile Promotion

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3 Months Half-Price Mobile Promotion

This 3 Months Half-Price Mobile Promotion provides a half-price discount for the first 3 months if you sign up for a new Megatel mobile connection.

This promotion is available in conjunction with MEGA Saver Promotion.

1. To be eligible for this promotion, you must apply for a new mobile connection from Megatel or transfer from another provider.

2. You will not be eligible for this promotion if

  • a) the mobile number you apply for is currently connected with Megatel, or
  • b) the mobile number you apply for was previously connected with Megatel and you have already received a promotional discount from the mobile number.
  • c) You have already received a promotional discount on your mobile number, and if you, as the same mobile user, terminate your number and apply for a new number or bring another number from a different provider.

3. The monthly mobile price will depend on your selected mobile plan.

4. Multiple discounts on additional mobile numbers are available for the same account if the numbers are connected with Megatel before this promotion ends.

5. The monthly mobile price for each new mobile connection signed up under this promotion will return to the standard monthly price for your selected plan after the 3-month discount period has ended.

6. If you sign up MEGA Saver Promotion together or are already in MEGA Saver Promotion, monthly discounts to your mobile pricing under the MEGA Saver Promotion will be applied before the half-price discount under this 3 Months Half-Price Mobile Promotion. For example, if you are on the 4GB endless data mobile plan (standard price $39/month), the price you will pay for the first 3 months is $15: ($39 - $9 monthly MEGA Saving = $30) x 50% = $15.

7. There is a one-off $5 delivery fee to deliver a new Megatel SIM CARD to you.

8. Please check our Mobile Use Policy, Promotional Terms and Conditions, and General Terms and Conditions on our website for more information about our Terms and Conditions. There is a lot of information we need to communicate to you, so it is worth taking some time to read them thoroughly.

This promotion is only valid from 02 October 2023 until 31 April 2024 and may be withdrawn or amended at Megatel’s discretion without notice.